Friday, December 16, 2011

What is Story Orgy?

Who are we? Perhaps this will help get the players in The Story Orgy sorted for you! 

(Reposted from Sara York's blog.)

Havan) *jimmies lock and opens door to the talented Sara York's blog* All right…we're here! *looks behind me at my reluctant Story Orgy family: The Goddess Em Woods…her muse JR Boyd…my muse Lee Brazil…the brilliant Hank Edwards (I'm his #1 Hankie!!!)…and my beautiful yin Jade Baiser*

Lee) *peers around* Are you sure about this? 

JR) *snuggles into my muse's side, pointing and whispering* Ohh! Look, Em. The carpet is gorgeous! 

Em) *looks over shoulder* Yep, looks great. Can we hurry up? I don't want to get busted. That would ruin my "white as snow" innocence. *blinks* 

Havan) Oh come on, I wouldn't lie to you, Sara said we could play on her blog today! *grabs Lee's hand and pulls him behind me while motioning for the others to follow* Wow! Her blog is so big and pretty like! And look—plenty of chairs and loveseats to go around! So…what do you guys want to do now?  *starts the coffee pot and pulls out the bag of cookies I snagged from Lee's kitchen* What?!? Didn't I ask for these…ooops. *giggles*

Lee) Oh, by all means, my cookies are your cookies! 

JR) *licks Lee's cookie* So, does that mean this one's mine?

Lee) *blushes*  ummm... 

Em) All yours, my muse. *smh*

Havan) *hip bumps Lee and winks* You know, I was asked the other day to explain the Story Orgy to them…they had seen our 5 part interview on: Our Group…Writing…Sex…Favorite Things…and Christmas. Plus they had seen our Facebook page…but they were still wondering exactly what we were and how we got to be where we are!

Lee) I remember reading Em's post on Fb- a beautiful little story about a painting and a first snowfall.  I knew I wanted to try it right away.  So I asked her if she wanted company, and she said sure, that made prompt writing even more fun! 

Jade) I remember it perfectly. I received a message from Em, who I didn't know that much at that time, asking me if wanted to help the group by finding pics to illustrate their stories. I was flattered and agreed right away!

JR) I don't think I ever felt as honored as I did the day I joined Story Orgy. I'll never forget it. Lee gave me a chance by presenting the idea to Story Orgy before I even knew about it. That day changed my life. I gained another loving family.  

Havan) I for one was just trying to be like my muse…I'm a follower you know *giggles*…I saw Lee having fun working on a prompt blog with Em and I just had to try it myself—this was technically before we became the Story Orgy. But after my first posting with Em and Lee I was hooked. 

Hank) Em met me on Facebook and invited me to join the group, and I fit right in. My dash of sass (or two) and my back catalog of sizzling fiction, plus I really loved to have the chance to post on a weekly basis. I've written two or three novellas out of it, all posted in chapters on my blog, everything from ghost stories, to mobster muscle in love, to sea monsters. While it's a challenge because there's no chance to go back and edit to make the beginning of the story, started weeks, or even months, ago, match the ending, it's pretty exciting!

JR) *holds my muse's hand* Em, you are indeed an angel. Yep. An angel indeed. 

Em) Oh wow. Really, it was easy to agree to writing with you guys. You are all so was a no-brainer for me. And I couldn't be happier that we've made our writing group succeed! 

Havan) So there—in a nutshell the Story Orgy is a group of six individuals who alone are talented and terrific...but put us all together and we can move mountains and cause a little trouble ... um ... okay maybe a lot of trouble - but only the good kind! *giggles* We write every Monday on our blogs using all different types of prompts - whether they are picture, dialogue, three words or just sentence prompts. The SO is more than just a group of talented authors to coattail with…it is a family with whom to grow and thrive with. *blushes* Sorry, I tend to get a tad bit mushy every now and then. hehe