Friday, August 24, 2012

Breathless Press Birthday Blog Hop...

You know – us Story Orgy members are known for our wild parties! Oh yes, yes we are!!!
One year we went completely crazy and there was *counting on fingers* a stripper pole...some knotted together hand towels...duct of those big exercise balls (you know the type you sit on)...cake icing in a piping bag...two serving spoons...spray can...extra virgin olive oil...bubble wrap...colored construction paper...*runs out of fingers*—well you get the idea right?
So there we are having a mosh pit hoe-down to celebrate a very important person's birthday party and what do you know...the party got crashed! I have no idea how those invitations got sent pasted on the walls...and in the chat rooms...and on the yahoo loops...*shrugs innocently*
But the deejay was spinning it and the dance floor was kicking it and the sweaty bodies were undulating it and I was loving it...*sighs*
But...unfortunately the Supreme Court finally ruled on the case and the gag order is in place...*giggles* I've probably said as much as I'm allowed...*winks*
Now it is Breathless Press's Birthday Blog Hop!!! And boy do we wanna celebrate big...*looks at court papers quickly*...okay—we are still in the guidelines allowed for us *giggles*
Lee Brazil and I wrote two freebie shorts to help celebrate the BP Birthday can find them here:

Vic comes back from a business trip and is shocked to find a hot young thing hanging on to his lover. Sure, he and Marc had a fight, but Vic figured they'd work things out. And how could Marc's new someone special be so young, when their fight had been about their age difference...?

Tino is drawn to a force he's never encountered before. Levi is minding his own business running an errand. Tino, meet your force to be reckoned with.
Tino's a vampire uninterested in his existence. It seems to be the same thing over and over, nothing excites him anymore. Until one night during his feeding when he feels a pull that takes him on a journey. A journey to the one thing he didn't think he would ever want, his own human.
Levi just wants to stock up on some snacks and survive his high school reunion, in that order. But when a walking talking sex-on-a-stick appears in the gas station and clears the place out with just a few words, he realizes that tonight just might be lucky for him.

So head on over to our free reads...or if you are in the mood for multiple partners tonight *wink wink* you can always dip your toes into our Breathless Press anthology Word Play...with 5 delicious stories I know you'll love!

Off the Beaten Path
JR Boyd
Best Friends and landscaping entrepreneurs, Mitch Sterling and Colby Merritt, enjoy their comradeship. Can scouting country roads for business opportunities unveil a lifetime of passion?

The Park at Sunrise
Lee Brazil
First they were three, now there are two. Can Jason and Morgan make a relationship work without Paul?

Wicked Reflection
Hank Edwards
A sexy, bad boy neighbor, a handsome detective investigating an unsolved murder, and a ghostly warning help Kirk uncover the deadly secret within his new house.

Harlan's Ryde
Havan Fellows
Ryder made a mistake Harlan can't forgive. Will Ryder cross a line no man should cross to obtain a second chance?

Harper's Discovery
Em Woods
When Harper finally sees the light and dumps his cheating boyfriend, can Pitt convince Harper to trust him enough to let it all go?
But we want to give you all a prezzie too!!!! If you leave a comment & your email addy on our of you lucky yummies will receive a Story Orgy anthology of your choice!!! Yeah—I'm not joking here...along with being in the running for grand prize you can also win one of our anthos you lucky dog...hehe (psst...just look to the right for our anthos) I told you about the SO's type of partying...and I did a bit of pumping, um I mean pimping...and I told you what we would love to present you with *winks* time for Breathless Press's Birthday Blog Hop!!!!

It's really easy peasy...check out the yummies in store for you!

Welcome readers to the Breathless Press Birthday Scavenger Hunt Blog Hop!

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BUT...It's Breathless Press's Birthday!

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