Monday, December 31, 2012

A Letter From The Story Orgy...

Hello faithful orgiasts who bounce between our blogs every week… we love you. We really, most whole-heartedly do. You are the reason we six became a group in the first place! We wanted to post free gay fiction that was sometimes spooky, often smexy, and always romantic, and we have done some pretty amazing things in the last two years. The Story Orgy has self-published three anthologies—And the Prompt Is… Volume One, And the Prompt Is… Holiday Edition, And the Prompt Is… Road Trip—and one anthology through Breathless Press, Word Play. We've donated hundreds of dollars to charities from the sales of these collections, and all because of you! On our blogs, we've posted thousands and thousands of words, introduced you to dozens of characters and any number of dramatic scenarios, not to mention lots and lots of hot, steamy sex scenes. Oh yeah, can't forget the steamy sex scenes!

And so, with the start of a brand new year, your Story Orgy writers have to admit something. We're tired. Really tired! We've been writing so hard and so fast to keep our weekly posts interesting and sexy and surprising, that often times we don't have time to write other stories for our publishers. Some of us have Evil Day Jobs (EDJs) that eat up a lot of our time as well, and then we need to make time to spend with families and friends, as well as a bit of sleep now and then. So, yeah, we admit it: we're a little used up.

Which brings us to the classic line: It's not you, it's us. You see, a little while ago, the Story Orgy met in our secret Story Orgy room and hashed some things out, and we've decided that we're not going to post weekly reads on our blogs for the foreseeable future. We know! It was difficult for us to say it ourselves! However, while there will no longer be guaranteed weekly posts, keep an eye out for posts from time to time as we try out new stories or characters, or ask for prompt suggestions from you for a new anthology, or maybe even let you know about some fantastic give aways. This new arrangement will also give us more time to work on some exciting new Story Orgy anthologies we hope to have available throughout the year.

So, while the weekly Monday posts will no longer be there waiting every week at 6:00 AM, we certainly won't forget about you, our faithful readers. We hope you'll still comment on our Facebook posts and follow each of us not only in our future Story Orgy collaborations, but also our individual publishing events as well.

Thank you, you wonderful readers who have come to feel like family to us, for an amazing two years of fun and hot, sexy stuff. We look forward to expanding on the Story Orgy name in the years ahead and hope you're as excited about the things to come (hee hee) as we are.

Much love,
The Story Orgy