Havan Fellows

Havan Fellows
*waves and giggles*

I'm a romance author
or for the more feisty out there
an erotic romance author
specializing in M/M but dabbling
in much more

I'm published with

**Coming Attractions**

Emery's Ritches
Book 2 of Synchronous Seductions
Contracted with Breathless Press
Due date: May 11, 2012
Edits are complete...now to play the waiting game lol

Geoff's Teddy
Book 3 of Synchronous Seductions
Contracted with Breathless Press
Due date: July 20, 2012
Line edits are in the works!!

**Marco…Polo…come find me!**
(Or you can just email me when the mood strikes you…
*psst* sorry about it being broken up but those spammers
are murder on an email account…lol)