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Oldie...but goodie...

Hi All! It's Em here. Yeah, I'm running a little behind...but in my defense I was working on edits for a story coming out soon! You forgive me, right?

I thought maybe I would sift through some old prompts and dig up one or two that maybe you might - or might not - remember...this one always makes me giggle. What do you think?


The soft knock at the motel room door set off the horn on the tiny moped again.
Beep.beep.beep. Beep.beep.beep
Hunter chuckled under his breath. “Relax.”
Shaking his head, Hunter swung the door open. “Amie.”
“What the hell is going on?” The petite blonde staring at him from the sidewalk looked ready to spit fire. Which would have been amusing if she couldn’t really do it.
As it were, dragon shifters could do that…and much more.
Hunter shrugged, pointed at the moped.
Amie’s eyebrows almost reached her hairline. “Is that what I think it is?”
“Oh yeah. Dominick is going to have a stroke when he’s back.”
“Who did this?”
“Jasmine.” Hunter grinned. “She didn’t take it well when Dom told her about me.”
Amie rolled her eyes. “And you called me…” She angled her head to look up at Hunter, not intimidated by his size in the least.
“Sis…you’re a nurse. And better at magick than I am. I figured if anyone could help us, it would be you.”
She snorted at the compliment.
Amie’s eyebrows rose further as she stared at the moped. She cocked her head. “Cute little thing.”
Hunter stifled the laugh. It wouldn’t do to get himself in trouble. He turned to look at the scooter again, clamping his teeth down on the inside of his lip to stop the giggle fit he could feel coming on.
It really was cute. Soft purple with a pure white seat and trim, and a rainbow decal on the front fender. Hunter pressed his lips tight and nodded.
She sighed. “All right, let’s see what I can do.” Amie walked around the scooter, skimming her fingers over the soft leather seat.
Hunter’s eyes narrowed as he took a step forward. He didn’t realize the low rumbling growl was his until her eyes rounded in fear.
She took a step back, her hands held in the air between them. She cleared her throat. “Mind shifting back to human, brother?”
He blinked once, changing back with ease. “Sorry.”
“You’re so pretty when you’re jealous,” Amie teased.
It was his turn to snort. “Shut up and fix this.” Hunter waved a hand towards the moped.
“You know what I mean.”
She chuckled, then snapped her fingers. A slight rush of wind swept the room and the moped vanished.
And in its place stood Hunter’s lover.
Dominick stumbled a bit as he suddenly found himself with legs again…instead of wheels. His slight frame looked worn from the trauma of having been turned into a scooter by a fuming ex-girlfriend.
Hunter couldn’t help the flash of heat as he took a quick inventory of his lover’s body.  Pale skin, smooth and hairless – more like an eighteen year-old’s than the twenty-seven he really was - stretched taut over corded muscle. His white-blond hair stood in disarray and those deep blue eyes snapped with anger.
Dominick recovered quick enough, clothing himself with a whispered spell. Dominick’s face held mutiny and Hunter had seen that look before. “I am going to kill that bitch.”
Amie grinned, opened the door to the motel room, and waved as she left. “You boys have fun.”
Hunter barely nodded at her farewell. He had to keep his attention on his lover, or he’d take off after Jasmine. Dominick’s eyes were a deep molten blue, proof that his anger was beginning to overwhelm the sprite. “You won’t need to go find her.”
Dominick snarled at Hunter. “I am not going to let her get away with that.”
“Who said she got away with it?”
Dominick paused in his tracks, one hand on the door handle. “What do you mean?”
“Simply because I couldn’t undo her spell, doesn’t mean I can’t do magick.”
“I know that.”
“And you thought I would let her leave after what she pulled?”
Dominick stared at Hunter over his shoulder, one blond eyebrow creeping up along with the corner of his mouth. “What did you do?”
Hunter smiled, jerking his thumb in the direction of a chair stashed off to the side. “I think we should see if it can hold two grown men fucking.”
Dominick’s hand slid from the door and he advanced on the chair, assessing the dark wood and cream cushions. His eyes glittered with suppressed humor. “Maybe break her in, eh?”
Hunter grinned. “That’s what I’m thinking.”

Monday, February 18, 2013

That about covers it...

Oh wow – it's me time again! *wiggles it and shakes and shimmies* hehe...Sooooo...I know I wanted to do another roving reporter for you...but when I went to snoop low and behold if my fellows Orgiasts left me a bunch of pretty pictures to look at. Aren't they great to me? I mean there I was expecting to get the latest scoop on them for you guys...and they just left pretties to tease my senses...made me think for a moment...just a second off track...but they really are the bestest and...

And then my mind went off on a tangent and I started to think of their best stuff...and let's face it – I'm a tad bit biased when it comes to the Story Orgy—but I'm human too and have favorites just like everyone else.

Then my mind took a left turn at Albuquerque (or was that a right? hehe) and I put two and two together and in my own way came up with my fave covers of the SO :) Plus this is a cool way to plug my upcoming release on Thursday...the re-release of Harlan's Ryde as a single. *whispers* see what I just did there? Yeah, I'm cool like that...hehe

So please enjoy these faves of mine...I know I do! *winks and hugs*

Our Goddess, Em Woods, has never shied away from the tough topics...and when she decided to write a book about HIV, well I was worried. That isn't a subject that you just jump into and say "Here I Is"...but she did it with such understanding and this day I still tear up when I reread this beautiful—love never closes its door to anyone, everyone deserves it.


A series that grabs you by the throat and makes you take notice...not to mention head straight for the shower to cool off ( cool off—that's my story and I'm sticking with I  remember when I started the first book, Holed Up, I was at lunch at the EDJ...and that first chapter made me realize Hank Edwards is not a safe read at the day job...way too hot to handle...*sighs* And rumor has it he is working on the next one as we speak...

Now...Lee Brazil can pull emotions out of you with the simplest of words, whether they are joy and love or anger and pain. It isn't unusual for me to fall in love with someone in each of his books. I went for the underdog when he wrote Loving Jacob, yeah I thought Jacob was great—but Malcolm, his roller coaster ride moved me. So when Lee wrote a sort of sequel, allowing us to peek into their lives again through how they spent their holidays...well it was like falling in love all over again with Malcolm and Jacob.

Jade Baiser and JR Boyd both knocked my socks off with their shorts for our Road Trip anthology. Jade made the snow melt with the heat of her writing...and JR made me shiver with haunts of the unknown. Both definitely worth a read or two...*winks*

And now me...I can't say I have a favorite of my own work...namely because the voices in my head will revolt...and I just can't handle that right now...*heads desk giggling*...but I can, as I said before, pimp out my new old release from 2011 being released this Thursday...*does double take* huh? Seriously...Harlan's Ryde is the first book in my Synchronous Seductions series—which was released in Dec 2011 as part of the Word Play anthology. Well, now it is being released as a single with a brand spanking new cover (done by the ever talented Allison Cassatta) and will be available on 2/21/13...I hope you enjoy! *big smiles*

Hey wait a second! I never got the goods on my fellow Orgiasts...well I'll solve that--oooooh someone made brownies! With lots of nuts! mmmmmm *munches on yummies*
Okay...until next time...and yes I will try to remember to replace the batteries in equipment...and keep my mind focused...*eye roll*...swing it to the left and bump it to the right...*waves*

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hello all and happy Monday to each of you. Thank you for chiming in for Monday's Story Orgy post. Yep! It's my week and decided to add a little heat to the wintry months. So, sit back with your beverage of choice and indulge yourself with a little bit of heat. 

Thanks again for joining me for a fun story to write. I hope you enjoy reading it as I did writing it. And now here's a little heat to warm your week. 

In Heat

by JR Boyd

Briston sat in the breakfast nook and gazed out the window. He loved to watch his miniature dachshund Heidie run around the back yard. He had noticed over the last few weeks, she was less and less active. The last thing he wanted was a veterinary bill. Briston picked up the phone and dialed.

"Charlie. Got a minute?" Charlie wasn't a phone person. Charlie just lived right up the street and, as usual, said he'd be right over.

Briston filled the tea kettle with filtered water. He wouldn't dare drink unfiltered tap water. As the water boiled, Briston heard a knock at the door.

"Come in, Charlie!" Briston, didn't look up from sorting through his selection of teas.

"Hey, buddy. What can I help you with?" Charlie's voice was low and goose bumps traveled up Briston's  arms.

Briston turned to Charlie and his jaw dropped. "What the hell are you wearing Spandex in the middle of winter for? And you are not exactly dressed good enough to cover all that excitement going on down there, if you know what I mean.

Charlie spread his arms out with a come and get it gesture. "C'mon now. After all these years? Why do I have to hide from you?"

"Charlie, you know you're hot and sexy to me. But, I didn't call for a booty call. I'm concerned about Heidie right now. Not one of our hook ups." Briston rolled his eyes, shaking his head as he turned to look out the window. "What kind of tea do you want?"

"I wasn't expecting tea, Briston. But, since that's what you're offering, I'll have the Green Tea with Ginseng. Now, what's up with Heidie?"

Briston plucked the teabags from the box and placed one in each mug as the kettle whistled. "Heidie keeps sniffing around the fence line in the back yard. She's not playing like she used to.  And I mean play hard. But, not any longer. She just sniffs."

"How old is she? She may be in heat." Briston heard Charlie's voice get more near and Charlie's breath was suddenly on the back of his neck and Charlie's rigid cock against the crack of his ass.

Briston ignored the advance and so Charlie sighed and reached around and grabbed a mug. "Briston, it sounds like Heidie needs a playmate. Maybe you should consider breeding her. Is she spayed?"

Turning to face Charlie, Briston lost all concentration. The sandy-blonde hair framed the deepest blue eyes he'd ever seen reminded him of the many times they'd fucked. Briston loved Charlie's cock as well as his aggressive fucking. "You know? You might be onto something there. After all, if we need some loving I'm sure she does too." Briston held his mug in one hand and ran the backside of a finger along the bulge in Charlie's skin-tight shorts.

"Now we're talkin'. Want a little bit of this for breakfast?" Charlie waggled his eyebrows and winked.

"But, where do I get a playmate for Heidie?" Briston walked on past Charlie and sat at the table, tapping his fingers in thought.

"Don't worry. I have a friend with a pure bred male dachshund. Got the papers and all." Charlie's voice dropped to a growl again. "Now, how about this sausage. Hmmm?" Charlie ran his fingers along his bulge as he set his tea on the table. He stood directly in front of Briston, giving him an eyeful of thick flesh coated in the thin material.

Briston licked his lips and slowly peeled down the spandex to reveal the hardening cock, watching it bob up and down, Briston took it in his hands and milked it. He watched the head swell with each stroke. "Mmm," Briston slowly let his lips engulf the thickness, swirling his tongue around, feeling the veins as he worked his tongue over the shaft.

Charlie grabbed a handful of hair and pulled his fuck buddy down to his cock's root. "Damn, boy. You've been practicing I see. I don't remember it ever feeling this fucking good."

Briston gagged and his eyes watered from Charlie's cock lodged in his throat. Briston backed off the dick despite Charlie's persistent hands. "Save your energy, Charlie. You're gonna need it." Briston stood, scooted the chair out of the way with one foot, dropped his shorts, and bent over the table. Briston knew exactly Charlie wanted and he wanted it too. They both liked fucking hard.

Briston got his footing and Charlie was already at work, licking and nipping at Briston's ass, squeezing and kneading the cheeks.

"Oh fuck, Charlie, that feels so fucking good." Briston stretched his arms across the wooden table and gripped the edge tightly. Briton knew what was coming. He knew to brace himself for the ride of his life.

"Ready, boy?" Charlie's question didn't need a response, but Briston obliged.

"I'm fucking ready. Give it to me, baby." Briston braced himself for the initial sting when Briton's thick mushroomed head opened his hole, stretching it to the point of delight. And sure enough, that's what happened. "Oh fuck!" Briston's ass burned and contracted from entry, but Charlie didn't stop. Briston's thighs quivered as Charlie burrowed deeper into Briston's ass.

"No breaks. That's the way you like it, huh?" Charlie's tone sent tingles down Briston's spine as His cock eased in another inch.

"Hit it, baby. Slam that bitch." Briston's jaws tightened as he bared down, clenching his teeth.

With simultaneous smacks on each of Briston's ass cheeks and single thrust, Briston reveled in all the feelings coursing through him. The twinge when Charlie passed the second ring of muscle. The sting on his ass cheeks from the spanking delivered by Charlie's heavy hands.

With a deep groan of delight, Briston's teeth still clenched, "What are you waiting for?"

Charlie's immediate chuckle gave Briston chills, bumps spreading up his arms and down his legs. Briston's nipples ached in hardness. Soon the table was rocking and Briston was doing his best to even focus his eyes.

"Keep going. Faster, Charlie." Briston reached under the table and took his own cock in hand. He jacked furiously his nuts drew up into his sac. "C'mon baby. That's it. I'm gonna come."

Briston relished the feel as Charlie's cock slipped from his asshole and he emptied his nut sac onto the kitchen floor. A few grunts and Briston's back was splattered with Charlie's warm cum, cooling as the air hit it. Charlie collapsed on Briston, smearing Charlie's load.

"We made a mess you know." Charlie whispered in Briston's ear. "Not only did we spill out loads, we spilled our tea too."

Briston chuckled. "Get off me then. I'll clean it up while you make your phone call."

"Phone call?" Charlie's puzzled look amused Briston.

"The breeder? Heidie? Remember?" Briston shook his head. "And then we'll both shower and clean up."

"What if I want to get dirty again?" Charlie winked with a slight tilt of his head.

Briston grinned. "You know I've never said no to you before."

Monday, February 4, 2013

How well do you know the Story Orgy writers?

Good morning Story Orgy fans! Thanks for stopping by to see what we're all up to. As you might guess, we're up to all kinds of delicious naughtiness. SO I thought we'd just share what we're working on here. I had all the samples ready to post, but had a minor incident, cats, coffee, what-have-you. Mayhem ensued and to put it mildly, things got a bit mixed up.
So, I have samples or current wips from five of us. Havan, Em, Jade, Hank and Myself. I just lost track of whose is whose. So...let's see how well you know our style.

Match each writing sample to the correct Story Orgiasts, and you'll win a Story Orgy T-shirt. Perfect glamour clothing for GRL or just kicking around the house.


“We’ll have a meeting before we leave.” Noah dreaded the reaction of the other employees. Shannon had been adamant in enforcing his rules over the course of time, to the extent at some points of losing valued employees as they chose their relationships over their jobs. “I’ll have to resign.”

Shannon looked as though he’d been slapped. “What?”

Shannon. Surely you thought this through.” Noah sighed. Clearly Shannon had not. “We’ve lost damn good people. You can’t just change the rules because you want it to look like we’re fucking.”

Lurching to his feet, Shannon shook his head. “You can’t quit. I need you.”

“I’ll still be around.” Noah’s heart hurt, but more than just Shannon’s policies drove this decision. He couldn’t continue to work with Shannon. He had to find a way to get over him. “I’ll help you with this, then we can stage a break-up or whatever. You can go on, we’ll be friends and I’ll come on as a consultant.”

It sounded simple enough.

Shannon rubbed at his chest, his expression pained. “Okay. If you promise to come back.”

“You know me.” Noah gave enough of a smile, he hoped, to convince Shannon.

“Schedule the meeting.”

Noah nodded and did as requested. “Today, in a half hour.”

“That was…fast.”

Pleased and proud of himself for being able to say all this without stuttering, Andrew turned and went back to the sidewalk. He glanced over his shoulder to see Antonio standing near his car, a surprised look on his face, his mouth opened on unspoken words, and still holding the card like it was a life savior. Before he could think about it, Andrew rushed back to Antonio and slid his arms around the other man’s waist. Antonio’s mouth was still open in surprise and Andrew’s tongue slightly licked his lips. He pressed his lover-to-be body against his—yes, he had no doubts about it now, Antonio would be his lover—and his mouth found the other man’s lips, tongues barely touching, just enough to taste. Andrew swallowed and growl and pushed forward, turning the touches of their tongues into a real kiss. Antonio opened to the kiss, tongue sliding against his, hands holding his shoulders, keeping their bodies slightly apart. Andrew explored the shape and flavor of Antonio’s mouth, moaning softly and beginning to be very aroused. He broke the kiss, not wanting to give a show to the people on the street who were starting to look at them. Turning around and heading back to the sidewalk, he said without looking back and with a little wave of his hand, “Don’t be late, Antonio!” He couldn’t help but chuckle, quite happy with his performance. He just hoped he would be that confident tonight when they would be together in his small apartment. Anyway, whatever happens tonight, it’s going to be a very interesting evening.

Sloan accepted a crisp sugar cookie cone with a swirl of vanilla ice cream sprinkled liberally with gaudily colored gummi bears from the clerk, and Mitch hastily pulled a crumpled twenty from his pocket to cover it. He contemplated the disgustingly sweet looking treat in repulsion.
"Hey, I got it." Sloan protested, shoving his own bill at the clerk, who stared at them, lip curled.
"No. You're my date, I pay. My momma raised me right." Mitch lifted a brow in challenge. He waved the bill at the clerk who took it and made change swiftly.
"I'm not your date." Sloan brought the cone to his lips, and deftly used his tongue to pry a gummi bear from the creamy white treat. Mitch stifled a groan, his body heating at the sight of Sloan so blatantly enjoying the cool treat. Sloan dropped the five in the tip jar and stepped away from the counter. Mitch allowed his gaze to drift down the other man's body, taking in his short fluttering skirt and bare tanned legs.
"You said if I could find you in this crowd, you'd be mine."


"Hey..." Jude straightened his back and looked out the windows. "Where're we going?"
"My place." That shouldn't have surprised Jude, he'd been crashing at Billy's house ever since being released from the hospital. Jude told him no at first, insisted on going to his apartment, with the blood stains everywhere and all. That night Billy received a call at three in the morning, a tiny voice trying to be strong asking if the offer to stay with him was still available. Billy still didn't know if Jude's change of heart came from nightmares or bad memories, and in Billy's mind they were kind of the same thing.
"I'm surprised you still want me there..." Billy actually had to strain to hear Jude's faint mumblings.
What? "Hold that thought." He surveyed exactly where they were and quickly decided on a safe place to park. He pulled behind the real estate office that closed on Sundays, so there wouldn't be anyone around. After turning off the engine he twisted in his seat and stared his obstinate company down. "Okay, what's up with your babbling?"
"I didn't babble. I didn't do nothing."
"Oh you've done plenty, and said even more. Hence our problem. You know, it's all good and fine that Doc will forgive you for stealing from him, or that Wally and I forgave you for endangering our lives with your recreational activity. But none of that means shit if you can't forgive yourself and get past it. Do our feelings mean so little to you that you will belittle everything we've done because you want to die a martyr?"
"Fuck you, Billy. I'm not playing the martyr card."
He felt his blood pressure rise, his temples beat in time with his heart. A part of him warned against scaring Jude off, saying too much, going too far.
Well fuck that. If Jude never moved past this then there would be no far for them to go.


"They're safe?" Dex asked.

"Yes." Josh pushed off from the wall, felt his knees go weak, and would have collapsed on onto the boardwalk were it not for Dex. They crouched together on the boardwalk, Josh still clenching the carnelian stone so as to direct Donegan and the other corpse back to the undertaker's.

"Josh?" Dex's voice trembled with concern. Dex was scared for him and, Josh knew, maybe frightened of him a little, of the power within him.

"I'm all right." Josh rested his head against Dex's chest, listened to the beat of his heart, felt the warmth of his body and wished they had time to themselves once again. Wished they could lay together once more, naked and hard, focused on just each other with no other worries.

"You're exhausted," Dex whispered and pulled him closer, his strong arms sliding around him. "You need to sleep."

"I will. When we travel to the fort I'll sleep in the wagon. I just need a minute right now, here, with you." Josh closed his eyes and breathed in the damp, sweet smell of Dex's sweat. He felt the strength of the power within him, his influence over the corpses, reaching the limit of distance and reluctantly pushed away from Dex.

There you go. Easy as pie.  Mmm...I need to make a pie. Please email your best guesses to lee.brazil@ymail,com and a winner will be chosen from amongst those who guess correctly. Or come closest to guessing correctly.

If you'd rather have ebooks than a T-shirt, I'm sure we can work something out!

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Havan Fellow's Wish Me Nothing...a new release

A Story Orgy Author New Release Alert!

Wish Me Nothing
A Djin story
In The Other World Collection

Ar and Vaughn have a great relationship. When Vaughn makes a simple slip of the tongue, Ar's life is put in jeopardy. Whatever you do, don't say "I wish".

Ever hear the old saying "Be careful what you wish for"?

What happens if you find out that the Djin are not just fairy tales? That could be bad. Now, what happens if you find out that your boyfriend of a year and a half is a Djin? That could be worse.

In one fateful night, Vaughn Boggs's world is turned inside out. Not only does he find out his boyfriend, Ar, is keeping a life shattering secret from him. But when other Djin threaten Ar's life, Vaughn has to work with Shan, Ar's lecherous brother, to find a way for them all to survive so they can see the next sunrise.

Vaughn isn't sure a human can take on the magicks of the Djin, and he definitely isn't sure he can trust Shan...but for Ar he's willing to wish that both are possible.

You can find Wish Me Nothing at BreathlessPress

"Release. Him. Now."
Vaughn's heart and breath froze. He shifted his gaze from those blue talons and slowly turned toward his lover. He had never heard such an implacably menacing sound come from Ar before. He widened his eyes at the sight before him. The Ar that he knew and loved no longer stood on this beach; in his place a monster towered, a taller, wider, thicker and darker than his boyfriend monster. His skin didn't have the golden glow caused by the sun anymore. It appeared dense, like the tough hide of an animal, a deep blue/brown mixture. His eyes swirled the elements of fire and ice combined. His teeth jutted out, sharp, jagged and just slightly protruding over his thick blue lips. Long dreadlocks, a darker version of his blue skin, now replaced the beautiful, soft, ash brown hair that Vaughn loved running his fingers through and tugging on. His hands curled and uncurled with long pointed blue talons just like the ones causing the throbbing in Vaughn's arm.
A deep rumbling laugh vibrated through him. Almost too afraid to move, Vaughn somehow got his neck to obey his commands and swung his gaze to the man who held him. The stranger no longer possessed the muscle-bound body he did mere moments ago. He too had magnified in all ways possible, his skin a slightly lighter hue than Ar's.
"If you insist, traitor." He growled right before throwing Vaughn easily two dozen feet behind him.
The wind whooshed out of Vaughn as his back collided with the hard-packed sand, yet he still attempted to scramble to his feet. The fear coursing through his system worked better than any drug on or off the market; it helped him get past the inability to fill his lungs with air problem. He managed to roll over onto his hands and knees, and then glanced up to where he'd been standing. Those two huge things faced off against each other. Oh my wasn't his imagination or some bad trip from his teenage years coming back to haunt him.
"If you ever touch him again I will take your head as a trophy." That came from the one that used to be Ar.
The other one shrugged, apparently not nervous about the threat. "You will try. But we both know that you are not worthy of a fight with me. When I'm done with you I will find out what is so interesting about that human that would make you sentence yourself to death."
"Get up and get your ass into the house now. Don't look back. Don't stop. Now go!"
Vaughn fell back on his ass when the voice floated through his mind. What the fuck? Ar's voice, without a doubt. But in his head? He finally managed to get his feet beneath him, wincing with pain. Stepping backward toward the house, he kept an eye on the two blue men.
"Take one more move away from me, human, and I will have your heart in my hand before your body hits the sand."
Not Ar. Vaughn stopped. Neither of them actually made eye contact with him, but both their attentions obviously focused on him.
"He's bluffing. Run now, damn it!"
"How the hell do I know he's bluffing!" Vaughn yelled at the voice in his head, or Ar, or both maybe?
"Ar, are you conversing with the human telepathically? Interesting, indeed. Look at your lover, human. This man you lie with, allow to enter your body, isn't a man. Can you trust he serves your best interest? He recognizes his path to die tonight. He will do anything to save his pathetic existence. Listen to me. I can assure you, I only desire to bring this traitor to justice for his crimes. You may leave as soon as I have your memories stored safely. Fight me on this and your demise is imminent."
Vaughn studied Ar again, who didn't take his gaze off the stranger. "I'm still Ar, the man you've loved for over a year. Don't talk... Please Vaughn, just trust me on this. I will keep him from hurting you but you have to help me. He wants you to stay with two monsters, I want you to run. You weigh it out."
With logic like that what could Vaughn do? He spun in the sand and hauled his ass as fast as his legs could take him toward Ar's beach house.
A huge growl erupted behind him followed by a loud crashing noise. A hand grazed his ankle, causing him to fall forward and scream. He face-planted in the sand and flipped over quickly in time to witness Ar dragging the other one away by his legs.
He watched as Ar spun in a circle holding the monster in his hands, spinning faster and faster, raising the monster higher until he finally released him. The creature sailed through the night sky, finally splash-landing hundreds of feet out in the ocean.
Vaughn slumped down in short-lived relief until he glanced up to Ar stomping towards him.
"When I fucking tell you to run you do it! Now come on, we have to get to the house."