Hank Edwards

Hank Edwards
m/m author

Hired Muscle
In October 1941, the violence of Baltimore's warring mob families is escalating. The danger has decimated many of the businesses around DuMochelle's restaurant where Barry waits tables.

When a mob family begins to frequent the restaurant, a romantic relationship develops between Barry and Vinnie, a guard for the family. Vinnie resists, fearing for Barry's safety and concerned that Barry will want nothing to do with him if he finds out the details of Vinnie's role in the family.

But their passion cannot be denied, and Vinnie is trapped between the love he wants and the only life he's known. As the rival mob family moves in for the kill, Vinnie and Barry find themselves caught in the crossfire. 
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Shacked Up
FBI Special Agent Aaron Pearce is recovering from his injuries suffered while on assignment in Detroit, stuck in the offices of the FBI running database searches for agents in the field. He is bored and edgy, and takes it out on those closest to him, including Mark Beecher, who lives with him. 

While Mark cannot deny the heat between him and Pearce, he struggles to find his place in Washington, DC, and in Pearce's apartment. When he notices a car following him back and forth to work, he panics, certain it's the terrorist mole Robert Morgan who escaped them in Detroit.

As Mark and Pearce try to identify the driver, Pearce is drawn into an investigation concerning the disappearance of data cards from government employees. His research reveals that the catering company where Mark works may be at the root of the thefts and, when the company is booked to cater a prestigious party, Pearce realizes it is the perfect setup for an undercover operation. He doesn't think twice about disobeying orders to stay out of the field, and risks not only his career, but his life as well, to join Mark in an undercover operation that will change their lives forever.

Available June 5, 2012, exclusively at Loose Id in a variety of e-book formats. Available everywhere e-books are sold 14 days later.

Bounty - Venom Valley: Book One
In the small frontier town of Belkin’s Pass, Josh Stanton’s past has kept him from being accepted by everyone else. Raised by the local school teacher after his mother vanished one dark night, Josh has made only one true friend the fifteen years he’s lived there: Dexter Wells. When a tragedy teaches Josh he has the ability to raise the dead, he becomes a wanted man and flees on horseback into the arid plains of Venom Valley. Pursued by Dex, now a town deputy, the two soon realize their friendship has deepened into love even as Balthazar, a centuries old vampire, pursues them across the prairie and threatens the future of Belkin's Pass.  

Self-published and available for download at these sites:

A Very Dirty Dozen - Stimulating Quickies
For more than a decade, Hank Edwards has been publishing short stories in a variety of anthologies and erotic magazines. Now he has gathered together eleven of those sizzling hot stories into one collection, and added a previously unpublished story to make it an even dozen. Download this collection today and read steamy stories about Army men behind enemy lines, cowboys in the Old West looking for love, sexy co-workers, and more horny men than you can shake a stick at! 

Self-published and available for download at these sites:

And the Prompt Is... Volume One
The first Story Orgy anthology, with original stories written based on prompts suggested by our faithful Story Orgy readers. Includes Hank's story "With This Ring," set in the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Central Park, one of the most elegant and romantic hotels in the world, even for its employees. When Carl, a seasoned member of the maintenance team, meets Dylan, a younger bellboy, their attraction is undeniable. Carl and Dylan meet in rooms recently vacated by guests and slowly forge a relationship, but can they overcome the difference in their ages and, somehow, fulfill Dylan’s dream of spending the night as a guest in the hotel?

Self-published and available for download at these sites:

 And the Prompt Is... Holiday Edition
A Christmas themed Story Orgy anthology, with original stories also written based on prompts suggested by our faithful Story Orgy readers. Includes Hank's story "Mistletoe at Midnight," in which Dustin Collins finds himself dreading the city’s upcoming Christmas Ball since his ex broke up with him just before last year’s celebration. But when he meets a handsome piano player, a glimmer of hope sparks within Dustin. Maybe this Christmas Eve will turn out much better than the last.

Self-published and available for download at these sites:

 Word Play
Another Story Orgy anthology, with original stories based on a series of writing prompts. Includes Hank's story "Wicked Reflection," in which Kirk Stanford moves into a new house only to discover it has a murderous past. Can his sexy bad-boy neighbor, a handsome detective investigating an unsolved murder, and ghostly warnings help Kirk uncover the deadly secret within his new house?

Published by Breathless Press and available for download at:

 Plus Ones
Each time Paul and Evan meet at another friend's same-sex wedding, they're interested...but the timing is always wrong because one of them is involved with someone new. They try to make do by falling in and out of the beds of several different men as they search for their own Mr. Right, and along the way, they learn new skills, like the secrets to Tantric sex, or the moves required to succeed at lube wrestling. Yet all through the hot summer months, they flirt and eye each other by the buffet tables and open bars of reception halls crowded with men, even though they never get a chance to take their relationship to the next level. When the summer draws to a close and their two best friends are about to marry, the stars might finally align for Paul and Evan. They might just get to be each others' forever 'plus one.'

Published by Loose Id and available for download at these sites:

Destiny's Bastard
Sir Gerard Fogg, knight in the Royal Guard of the kingdom of Algonwick, is in love with the King’s only son, Prince Tristan Fysher. The two men carry on a secret, sexual affair and proclaim their undying love for one another, only to have it torn apart by an intruder from the future. A white supremacist named Malcolm, stumbling on a time portal between 2006 and their time of 1456, murders Tristan and escapes to the future.

Sentenced to death for failing to protect the Prince, Gerard is freed by the King’s advisor, Ranulf Godfrey, the one man who knows where to find the murdering Malcolm. The two men travel through time to 2006 to discover the castle they love in ruins and a handsome young researcher named Jon Calder cataloging the artifacts of Algonwick’s forgotten age. Jon, who has never felt as though he fit in anywhere except the ruins of this castle, is the vessel within which resides the soul of the murdered Prince. As Gerard and Jon embark on a journey of sexual discovery more than 500 years in the making, the murderous Malcolm circles ever closer.

Published by Loose Id and available for download at these sites:

Holed Up
FBI Special Agent Aaron Pearce, tall, muscular, a lone wolf with an attitude, is assigned to protect Mark Beecher, a witness to the plans for a terrorist attack. The discovery of an unknown informant within the FBI's ranks, however, forces the two men to hole up in a loft apartment with only one another for company.

After long conversations and their shared attempt to unravel the puzzle of the terrorist group's next target, Pearce and Mark find they cannot deny their mutual attraction. Pearce gives in to his passion, sleeping with the man he's sworn to protect and going against his training as he risks heartbreak once again.

When the informant reveals himself to Pearce and takes him hostage, Mark finds he cannot run and leave Pearce to die. Instead, their roles have been reversed and now he is the only person who can save Special Agent Pearce.

Published by Loose Id and available for download at these sites:

Fluffers, Inc. (Charlie Heggensford Stories, Book 1)
Young Charlie Heggensford is fresh off a farm in Idaho when he stumbles (literally) into the office of Fluffers, Inc., where his natural talents are quickly put to use getting male porn stars in the “mood” to perform. A little too good at his job, Charlie over-stimulates the actors he is assigned to arouse and finds himself in trouble not only with his boss but several porn directors as well. Now if only Charlie can spare a breath for some seriously hilarious and sexy misadventures...

Published by Lethe Press and available for order or download at these sites:

A Carnal Cruise (Charlie Heggensford Stories, Book 2)
Charlie Heggensford, the Idaho farm boy turned L.A. fluffer for hire, is back, and this time, Charlie and the rest of the gang from Fluffers, Inc. are hitting the high seas. Hired to provide fluffing service on a cruise ship filled with gay porn stars, Charlie soon discovers he is no less clumsy on sea than dry land as he continues to over stimulate his clients. While he works to master the art of his profession, Charlie meets up with a host of new, fetish-sporting men, including a glamorous drag queen with more than one surprise hidden beneath his skirts, a pair of hunky Latin twin brothers who bring new meaning to the term brotherly love, a hot masseuse with a mysterious past, and a ship’s doctor who harbors some surprises of his own. As the ship steams toward Acapulco, hot, unavailable porn star Rock Harding begins to see ghosts from his past and the shock of his sightings affects his ability to perform. When all other mouths fail to bring Rock up to his task, Charlie is recruited to act as the hunky star’s personal fluffer, much to the displeasure of Rock's lover and gay porn director extraordinaire Cedric Wilmington. During the cruise, Charlie discovers not only the healing power of vinegar, the trick to running in heels, and the lengths Cedric would stoop to hang onto Rock, but enough secret revelations to make his head swim!

Published by Lethe Press and available for order or download at these sites:

Vancouver Nights (Charlie Heggensford Stories, Book 3)
Lambda Literary Award Finalist in Gay Erotica
Hot Fluffer Fun in the Great White North! Charlie Heggensford, the Idaho farm boy turned LA fluffer for hire, is back for another crazy/sexy adventure. With Rock Harding on tour in The Netherlands, Charlie is forced to find ways to occupy himself: on his knees, on his back. And in trouble.

Charlie gets in so much trouble that his boss, Kinitia Jones, encourages him to take some time off and get out of town. Charlie goes to Vancouver, Canada to visit his good friend, and former bear porn star, Brent Harrington, who now owns a pet store, Canadian Critters. When a member of Brent’s bowling team begins to have attendance problems, Charlie steps in as a sub. Soon Charlie is throwing balls around the alley and giving new meaning to the term “pin action” in the back room. A string of pet store break-ins has a hot police inspector keeping his eye on Brent, and when the evidence begins to stack up against his friend, Charlie decides it’s time to take matters into his own hands. As Charlie creates havoc in the pet store, he and Brent work on narrowing their list of suspects and follow their clues to hunky deliverymen and raunchy sex clubs, all the while struggling to keep the bowling team, The Vancouver Vixens, in the league’s top spot.

Published by Lethe Press and available for order or download at these sites:

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