Monday, December 9, 2013

Three sets of Story Orgy Singles

We've got goodies for you this week...whoop whoop :)

Last year we asked for holiday prompt suggestions from our freaking awesome readers and with them put together 3 short it was these were the last things we posted on Monday before we took a bow and some much needed time off...

Well, it's been a year and we thought what a good way to celebrate this holiday combining those 3 short flashes into our own Story Orgy Singles!

Let me tell you, it was a blast going over those shorts again and remembering the good times and some of the amazingly eye-popping holiday prompts that were sent in...*cough cough* escapee from a psychiatric facility *cough cough*...putting them together and behind one of the best covers available! *kisses on Startled Monkeys Media <3*

So, join us in celebrating the holiday season and pick yourself up some tempting flashes from your Story Orgy.

Hank Edwards knows how to put you in the mood...and not just the holiday mood *winks*

A Gift for Greg
Stew Brannigan Rides Again
Stripper Claus
Light your yuletide log and spike your eggnog, Hank Edwards has three Holiday themed flash fiction stories that will put some Christmas in your carols this season. Take a seat by the fire and read about unexpected reunions, cowboys getting back in the saddle... with each other, and a hot—and flexible—mall Santa!
Available @ ARe & Amazon

And Lee Brazil is a must have year round...but when the weather turns cooler and the mistletoe is in abundance I especially can't help reaching for him to keep me warm and toasty...*sighs*

By Design
A ghostly visit on Christmas Eve points grieving Kyle in a new direction.

For All Eternity
When a shopping mall elf is touched by a joyless child, a connection is forged that lasts a lifetime.

Wearing His Ring
Detective Grant Hammond spends Christmas at a hot springs hotel with his lover, JT, who is determined to celebrate the old fashioned way, popcorn garland and all.
 Available @ ARe & Amazon

And then there is lil ol' moi...*curtsies*
um...*whispers* Havan Fellows ;)

Melting Jack Frost
When Jack Frost is not happy that means no white Christmas for anyone. Parker Pendle, Jack's lover and Santa's head elf, is determined to put the snowflakes back in the air, and more importantly, back in his lover's eyes.

Meds N' Mistletoe
Michel's life was stolen from him when his boyfriend fraudulently committed him to a mental institution with aspirations of stealing his trust fund. Now, Michel is on the run after breaking out. A twig of mistletoe and a kiss from a stranger might be the key to showing Michel that he didn't lose the best things in his life this holiday season.

Secret Needs
When you step through the doors of the Sanctuary, your desires are never truly hidden. Brant learns this lesson when the sexy man in the corner decides to be his personal secret Santa and prove he can satisfy those secret needs.
Available @ ARe & Amazon