Saturday, March 31, 2012

Contest Announcement: It's Lee Brazil's Opening Move…

Our own Story Orgy's Lee Brazil has a new release coming out this Friday, April 6th and is hosting a contest so you can win a copy of this release…before it is even released! *eyes bug out* Yep…you read that right! You can win a copy of Mark's Opening Gambit before I can even buy it! That is something you can't pass up!

How you may ask?

Easy peasy baby!

OMG...forgive me for the thoughts I'm having but looky at these hotties!!!
 Click on over to Lee's blog—Lee's Musings—and leave a comment answering the question that Lee asks. That's it…*swipes hands up and down*…that is all you need to do to get your chance at owning this hot and steamy cerebral read…hehe

But please don't forget to leave your e-mail addy…because my muse is kinda busy always keeping me outta trouble that he can't be stalking people down…*blushes and giggles*

Now for a melt in your mouth lil snippet of what you could own in just under a week…

 Mark's Opening Gambit
Lee Brazil

The son of a wealthy business man, Mark Addison is an expert at chess and hiding. Mason Grant labors with his hands in a menial position; he's open about who he is and what he wants in ways that terrify Mark. . Their paths shouldn't have crossed, but now that they have...

They came from different backgrounds, yet each adheres to his own version of family duty and responsibility. One would make any sacrifice for his family's well being. For Mason Grant that means leaving school at sixteen and working hard while living as a man of integrity to set an example for his brothers.

The other would sacrifice anything to keep his family life calm. If that means hiding who he really is from his high society, narrow-minded parents, then that's what Mark Addison will do. He just wants to run his shop, host a few tournaments, play a few games of chess.

When Mason meets fussy, precise chess tournament director Mark, he isn't expecting much more than a few hours of uncomfortable sleep in his car while his brother plays.

One disdainful look from Mark changes that.

Pre-order from Breathless Press

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