Monday, April 16, 2012

Lee Brazil's Truth or Dare Volume One contest...

Hey...have you heard the news? My muse...the wonderful Lee Brazil is having a freaking kick assets contest! And the prize...oh you are gonna love this! The prize is a signed copy of Truth or Dare Volume 1!

That's right...the paperback book that contains the first three stories of Lee's best selling Truth or Dare series:

Keeping House

Telling the Truth
(twins nom nom nom)

Giving Up
(the big brother meets his match! hehe)

Is available to win...with Lee autographing it just for you!

*pouts a bit* I am NOT jealous...honest...kinda...sorta...*giggles*

So this is what you have to do...

If you follow this link you will get teleported to the full rules of this awesomest contest ever...and no I'm not biased...hehe

If you follow this link you will get whooshed to the first round of questions...

And this last little magical hyperlink (love that word hyper I tell ya! lol) takes you to the second round of questions...

So start your email now with the answers—don't leave them in the comments...they don't count! Just address it to the all fab Lee and put in the subject "Truth or Dare Paperback Give Away" and just tuck that bad boy into your draft when the third and final set of questions come up BAM! you are ready and willing baby!

Go on...all the info is at the end of the on them and get your Blake on! *winks*

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