Monday, August 5, 2013

And let the babble begin...

Woo Hoo—Havan here...hehe

My turn to wow you, but I think I'm all out of that magic wow'g powder that you have to order off of e-bay in mass I'll try for a couple minutes of babbling instead...because I can do babble...lmao

Well, I've been seriously busy trying to get an old fave SO book of mine finished...maybe a few of you will remember a character of mine named Jude? Yep, I'm working on getting Judging Jude out to you all—seriously giving it an overhaul and you should see the new ending to even made me—um you'll have to wait for that *winks*.

( would be a GREAT time to thank a certain special someone for his patience with me and this darn

But in thinking about Jude – I can't help but be all hip-hip-hooray for a few other stories the Story Orgy put out that are getting their time in the spotlight!

Both Em Woods and Lee Brazil have books either just released or available for let the pimping start! *winks*

Lee Brazil's nod to the SO that just got already a best-seller at ARe is His Admirer...

 And Em's release will be available in September, but you can pre-order it now—Harper's Discovery...added to and re-edited with a shiny new cover too!

Now, if you are feeling nostalgic for the Story Orgy here are two (almost three lol) ways to help ya – we always aim to please...and hell, sometimes when we don't aim we still please...*innocent grin*

Hope to see you all back here again next Monday


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