Monday, February 11, 2013

Hello all and happy Monday to each of you. Thank you for chiming in for Monday's Story Orgy post. Yep! It's my week and decided to add a little heat to the wintry months. So, sit back with your beverage of choice and indulge yourself with a little bit of heat. 

Thanks again for joining me for a fun story to write. I hope you enjoy reading it as I did writing it. And now here's a little heat to warm your week. 

In Heat

by JR Boyd

Briston sat in the breakfast nook and gazed out the window. He loved to watch his miniature dachshund Heidie run around the back yard. He had noticed over the last few weeks, she was less and less active. The last thing he wanted was a veterinary bill. Briston picked up the phone and dialed.

"Charlie. Got a minute?" Charlie wasn't a phone person. Charlie just lived right up the street and, as usual, said he'd be right over.

Briston filled the tea kettle with filtered water. He wouldn't dare drink unfiltered tap water. As the water boiled, Briston heard a knock at the door.

"Come in, Charlie!" Briston, didn't look up from sorting through his selection of teas.

"Hey, buddy. What can I help you with?" Charlie's voice was low and goose bumps traveled up Briston's  arms.

Briston turned to Charlie and his jaw dropped. "What the hell are you wearing Spandex in the middle of winter for? And you are not exactly dressed good enough to cover all that excitement going on down there, if you know what I mean.

Charlie spread his arms out with a come and get it gesture. "C'mon now. After all these years? Why do I have to hide from you?"

"Charlie, you know you're hot and sexy to me. But, I didn't call for a booty call. I'm concerned about Heidie right now. Not one of our hook ups." Briston rolled his eyes, shaking his head as he turned to look out the window. "What kind of tea do you want?"

"I wasn't expecting tea, Briston. But, since that's what you're offering, I'll have the Green Tea with Ginseng. Now, what's up with Heidie?"

Briston plucked the teabags from the box and placed one in each mug as the kettle whistled. "Heidie keeps sniffing around the fence line in the back yard. She's not playing like she used to.  And I mean play hard. But, not any longer. She just sniffs."

"How old is she? She may be in heat." Briston heard Charlie's voice get more near and Charlie's breath was suddenly on the back of his neck and Charlie's rigid cock against the crack of his ass.

Briston ignored the advance and so Charlie sighed and reached around and grabbed a mug. "Briston, it sounds like Heidie needs a playmate. Maybe you should consider breeding her. Is she spayed?"

Turning to face Charlie, Briston lost all concentration. The sandy-blonde hair framed the deepest blue eyes he'd ever seen reminded him of the many times they'd fucked. Briston loved Charlie's cock as well as his aggressive fucking. "You know? You might be onto something there. After all, if we need some loving I'm sure she does too." Briston held his mug in one hand and ran the backside of a finger along the bulge in Charlie's skin-tight shorts.

"Now we're talkin'. Want a little bit of this for breakfast?" Charlie waggled his eyebrows and winked.

"But, where do I get a playmate for Heidie?" Briston walked on past Charlie and sat at the table, tapping his fingers in thought.

"Don't worry. I have a friend with a pure bred male dachshund. Got the papers and all." Charlie's voice dropped to a growl again. "Now, how about this sausage. Hmmm?" Charlie ran his fingers along his bulge as he set his tea on the table. He stood directly in front of Briston, giving him an eyeful of thick flesh coated in the thin material.

Briston licked his lips and slowly peeled down the spandex to reveal the hardening cock, watching it bob up and down, Briston took it in his hands and milked it. He watched the head swell with each stroke. "Mmm," Briston slowly let his lips engulf the thickness, swirling his tongue around, feeling the veins as he worked his tongue over the shaft.

Charlie grabbed a handful of hair and pulled his fuck buddy down to his cock's root. "Damn, boy. You've been practicing I see. I don't remember it ever feeling this fucking good."

Briston gagged and his eyes watered from Charlie's cock lodged in his throat. Briston backed off the dick despite Charlie's persistent hands. "Save your energy, Charlie. You're gonna need it." Briston stood, scooted the chair out of the way with one foot, dropped his shorts, and bent over the table. Briston knew exactly Charlie wanted and he wanted it too. They both liked fucking hard.

Briston got his footing and Charlie was already at work, licking and nipping at Briston's ass, squeezing and kneading the cheeks.

"Oh fuck, Charlie, that feels so fucking good." Briston stretched his arms across the wooden table and gripped the edge tightly. Briton knew what was coming. He knew to brace himself for the ride of his life.

"Ready, boy?" Charlie's question didn't need a response, but Briston obliged.

"I'm fucking ready. Give it to me, baby." Briston braced himself for the initial sting when Briton's thick mushroomed head opened his hole, stretching it to the point of delight. And sure enough, that's what happened. "Oh fuck!" Briston's ass burned and contracted from entry, but Charlie didn't stop. Briston's thighs quivered as Charlie burrowed deeper into Briston's ass.

"No breaks. That's the way you like it, huh?" Charlie's tone sent tingles down Briston's spine as His cock eased in another inch.

"Hit it, baby. Slam that bitch." Briston's jaws tightened as he bared down, clenching his teeth.

With simultaneous smacks on each of Briston's ass cheeks and single thrust, Briston reveled in all the feelings coursing through him. The twinge when Charlie passed the second ring of muscle. The sting on his ass cheeks from the spanking delivered by Charlie's heavy hands.

With a deep groan of delight, Briston's teeth still clenched, "What are you waiting for?"

Charlie's immediate chuckle gave Briston chills, bumps spreading up his arms and down his legs. Briston's nipples ached in hardness. Soon the table was rocking and Briston was doing his best to even focus his eyes.

"Keep going. Faster, Charlie." Briston reached under the table and took his own cock in hand. He jacked furiously his nuts drew up into his sac. "C'mon baby. That's it. I'm gonna come."

Briston relished the feel as Charlie's cock slipped from his asshole and he emptied his nut sac onto the kitchen floor. A few grunts and Briston's back was splattered with Charlie's warm cum, cooling as the air hit it. Charlie collapsed on Briston, smearing Charlie's load.

"We made a mess you know." Charlie whispered in Briston's ear. "Not only did we spill out loads, we spilled our tea too."

Briston chuckled. "Get off me then. I'll clean it up while you make your phone call."

"Phone call?" Charlie's puzzled look amused Briston.

"The breeder? Heidie? Remember?" Briston shook his head. "And then we'll both shower and clean up."

"What if I want to get dirty again?" Charlie winked with a slight tilt of his head.

Briston grinned. "You know I've never said no to you before."

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