Monday, February 18, 2013

That about covers it...

Oh wow – it's me time again! *wiggles it and shakes and shimmies* hehe...Sooooo...I know I wanted to do another roving reporter for you...but when I went to snoop low and behold if my fellows Orgiasts left me a bunch of pretty pictures to look at. Aren't they great to me? I mean there I was expecting to get the latest scoop on them for you guys...and they just left pretties to tease my senses...made me think for a moment...just a second off track...but they really are the bestest and...

And then my mind went off on a tangent and I started to think of their best stuff...and let's face it – I'm a tad bit biased when it comes to the Story Orgy—but I'm human too and have favorites just like everyone else.

Then my mind took a left turn at Albuquerque (or was that a right? hehe) and I put two and two together and in my own way came up with my fave covers of the SO :) Plus this is a cool way to plug my upcoming release on Thursday...the re-release of Harlan's Ryde as a single. *whispers* see what I just did there? Yeah, I'm cool like that...hehe

So please enjoy these faves of mine...I know I do! *winks and hugs*

Our Goddess, Em Woods, has never shied away from the tough topics...and when she decided to write a book about HIV, well I was worried. That isn't a subject that you just jump into and say "Here I Is"...but she did it with such understanding and this day I still tear up when I reread this beautiful—love never closes its door to anyone, everyone deserves it.


A series that grabs you by the throat and makes you take notice...not to mention head straight for the shower to cool off ( cool off—that's my story and I'm sticking with I  remember when I started the first book, Holed Up, I was at lunch at the EDJ...and that first chapter made me realize Hank Edwards is not a safe read at the day job...way too hot to handle...*sighs* And rumor has it he is working on the next one as we speak...

Now...Lee Brazil can pull emotions out of you with the simplest of words, whether they are joy and love or anger and pain. It isn't unusual for me to fall in love with someone in each of his books. I went for the underdog when he wrote Loving Jacob, yeah I thought Jacob was great—but Malcolm, his roller coaster ride moved me. So when Lee wrote a sort of sequel, allowing us to peek into their lives again through how they spent their holidays...well it was like falling in love all over again with Malcolm and Jacob.

Jade Baiser and JR Boyd both knocked my socks off with their shorts for our Road Trip anthology. Jade made the snow melt with the heat of her writing...and JR made me shiver with haunts of the unknown. Both definitely worth a read or two...*winks*

And now me...I can't say I have a favorite of my own work...namely because the voices in my head will revolt...and I just can't handle that right now...*heads desk giggling*...but I can, as I said before, pimp out my new old release from 2011 being released this Thursday...*does double take* huh? Seriously...Harlan's Ryde is the first book in my Synchronous Seductions series—which was released in Dec 2011 as part of the Word Play anthology. Well, now it is being released as a single with a brand spanking new cover (done by the ever talented Allison Cassatta) and will be available on 2/21/13...I hope you enjoy! *big smiles*

Hey wait a second! I never got the goods on my fellow Orgiasts...well I'll solve that--oooooh someone made brownies! With lots of nuts! mmmmmm *munches on yummies*
Okay...until next time...and yes I will try to remember to replace the batteries in equipment...and keep my mind focused...*eye roll*...swing it to the left and bump it to the right...*waves*

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