Monday, March 18, 2013

Making Up- A Flash Fiction Piece

 Good afternoon and my apologies for being late everyone! Monday began for me with a tragic coffee pot incident this morning. I had to brew the coffee three times. You can bet that slowed me down quite a bit! 

I'm still reeling from the caffeine deficiency. 

Since I'm behind, I'm flying in and out this morning, and I thought I'd share just a bit of a future project with you. This one is 200 words. It's a bit of flash fiction that will end up at about 5K one of these days when I can squeeze in the time to finish the story. Meanwhile, I enjoy flashing as a way of stirring up the creative juices. Have you tried it? 

And since it's Monday and we could all use a little pick-me up...or at least I can, here's some sugar for your coffee...

He thinks we should have stayed in bed, too. 

Making Up

"You think you can do no wrong, don't you?"

Chris's scorn raked over old wounds. Good let him be angry.  Stan was sick of pretending to be friends with his ex. He'd engineered this meeting to resolve that issue.

"It's not my opinion of myself that bothers you." Stan scowled at his critic. "It's my opinion of you that riles you. Anyone would think it was your money we're talking about. You're a tightfisted miser, Chris." Money had been at the root of all their fights back then, too.

"Your boundless ego ceased to be amusing three bounced checks and an over the limit gold card ago." Chris scribbled something on a note pad.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Stan shifted forward to hide the way his dick responded to Chris's display of emotion. Too many memories of angry make up sex that melted into tender apologies battered at him. "Don't I pay you to take care of all that shit?"

"One of the bounced checks was written to me."

"So you don't work for me now?" Stan darted from his chair and dropped into Chris's lap.


"Then there's no reason I can't do this, is there?"

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