Monday, May 13, 2013

Confessions of my love affair...

I admit...I've got a problem. I'm talking about my obsession and sworn allegiance to...

No...I'm not ending sentences on a cliffhanger to make you continue reading...*giggles* The answer was in the sentence above...let's recap... 
I'm talking about my obsession and sworn allegiance to...
Yeah...those damn ellipses...they can tie me up and lick me down and redden my assets and I'll still come back and ask for more...*heads desk*

Now I've gotten some slack for the way I type...some *waves hand in air* shall we say negative feedback? Why must I use ellipses...or dashes (any kind of dash—I'm an equal opportunity dasher baby) while I'm simply chit chatting...why do I do so many stage directions *gasps* while I am typing? Why...why—why *heads desk giggling*

Because...I like it like that...ha!

Well that...and the fact that I'm Italian and if you ever meet me in person you will see I'm huge on talking with my hands. While I'm driving I have to constantly be reminded that hands belong on the steering wheel—not waving and splaying and air spanking...evidently that is bad...lmao

But when I'm typing—whether it is here on a blog...or on Facebook (and oh boy am I addicted to that place *face palm*)...or chatting with friends—I'm always using ellipses, dashes and stage directions. It's a way for me to express my personality through simple words...a way to show you that I'm pausing for dramatic effect (I do love being me on this or to allow my mind to split off on different tangents while still staying in the same conversation (a personal fave of mine daddy used to say that talking to me was like watching words shoot out of my mouth and having to string them together to keep up with my thought process *innocent smile*) and evidently I'll add parenthesis to my growing love affair...*heads desk giggling* I allow this to run on over into my professional writing? Hmmm...sure, to a certain extent. I know I have to be careful of my ellipse and dash usage in my WIPs...otherwise my editor will have a thing or two to say to I think I overcompensate with commas...

I will go on record right now as saying I do NOT have a love affair with's more of a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am type of relationship only when I'm soon as the editing starts they storm off all huffy puffy with plans to ravage me again when a new WIP crosses my mind...those sneaky little freakers...hehe

Now...for anyone who knows me (and at least partially loves/likes me...*eye roll*) they know that my true master...the one that can really make me kneel and beg for ellipses...

*rereads blog post and sighs* and evidently I'm not gonna get over this affair anytime soon...*winks and giggles*

This was previously published on the braZen authors blogsite last year. But I really really like this blog and wanted to share again...hehe *winks*


  1. You know, I really... no, really TRULY... love this post. *hugs on Havan*

  2. I knew I loved you for something... I have the exact same addiction... Really... I do...

  3. Replies
    1. If you aren't laughing it ain't worth it...right Dianne? *hugs hard* lmao

  4. LOl and I am a stage direction lover too * big hugs* * waves* *giggles* if we cant have fun why do it...? LMBO right ?

    1. I just like people knowing where I'm coming from, and on the computer it is hard to convey that *hugs back*

  5. Oh my- DO we need an ellipses anon group?

    1. um...yeah maybe...but this blog makes it not so anon right? lmao *squeeze hugs*