Sunday, June 2, 2013

Did you read that book?

Ahem… *straightens and tries to act cool* Hello, Jade’s here. I hope everybody’s doing well. As for me… well, I have a confession to make… *breathes deeply* I totally forgot that I was the one to post this week. I know, I’m not proud of myself. Fortunately, my beautiful yang was there for me and reminded me yesterday that I was supposed to post something today. Then I spent the whole night trying to figure out what I could talk to you about.
I have to tell you, I’ve been very busy translating, and I didn’t do much more lately. I only take a break during my breakfast and read a book (not a whole book, I don’t have that kind of time, but little by little…) Anyway, I’m re-reading a series right now, and I decided to have you guess which book it is, along with the author of course. Now, there’s nothing to win since I don’t have any book to share, so it’s only for the pleasure of it. (And no, it's not from any of the Story Orgy's writer.)
Ready? Here we go:
“Ask me,” Phillip demanded. “Ask me what I like.”
“What,” Jonathan stumbled as Phillip licked at his skin again, “what do you like?” He sounded as if he had run all the way from Edinburgh. He knew he should be embarrassed, but God he was enjoying every moment of Phillip’s torture. How he had longed to be on the receiving end of it all the times he had seen Phillip fuck a woman.
“I like your body.” Phillip pressed his nose against Jonathan’s arm and ran it down until he breathed deeply of the scent in Jonathan’s armpit. “I like the way you smell, especially now, musky from fucking all night and ready to fuck again. I love how muscular you are, how dark and sinful you look.” He paused and pulled away to look down. Slowly his hands came back down to rest against Jonathan’s stomach. Jonathan followed his look, watched his own stomach muscles contract at the sensual touch. He stopped breathing as he watched Phillip’s hand smooth down until it covered his cock. “But I love this best—your magnificent cock. For so many years I’ve watched it grow to impossible lengths, and so quickly. God, you’re so quick to arouse, you walk around half-hard all the time. It’s been a constant torture for me, Jonathan. When you would strip and I’d watch you fuck it into a woman, I’d nearly spill my seed at the sight. When you brought yourself with your hand in my study not long ago, did you know I was doing the same under the desk? The sight of you masturbating made me come so hard, when I cried out your name pretending to be Maggie, it was really me, Jonathan. I came with your name on my lips.”
“Phillip,” Jonathan moaned, his head twisting against the wall as Phillip began to rub his cock through the thin cloth separating them.
Phillip leaned back in but didn’t remove his hand from Jonathan’s cock. The resulting pressure made Jonathan groan and thrust into him. Phillip took his mouth tenderly, the thrust of his tongue matching the glide of his hand. Jonathan’s hands fisted where they still rested against the wall. He could stand it no longer and lowered his arms, once again ramming his hands into Phillip’s hair. Phillip broke the kiss.
Phillip was breathing heavily, as heavily as Jonathan. “Do you know what I’d really like, Jonathan?” he whispered against his lips. “What I’ve imagined doing countless times? I want to suck it, Jonathan. I want to take the whole great length of that beautiful cock into my mouth and I want to suck it hard, and lick your balls and swallow you, every drop that I wring from it. That’s what I’m going to do, Jonathan.”
A sob tore from Jonathan’s mouth as he felt Phillip restlessly tear open the buttons on his breeches. Phillip stepped back and pushed the now open garment down over Jonathan’s hips, exposing Jonathan’s long, thick cock, nearly purple with arousal. “Every time I watched a woman go down and suck this, I was insanely jealous. My mouth watered just imagining it. Now it’s mine, Jonathan.”
Jonathan had been looking down at his own cock, but at Phillip’s words his head fell back against the wall with an audible thunk. Phillip glanced up in surprise. “Are you all right?” he asked.
“I will be if you mean what you say,” he said weakly.
Phillip laughed, the sound more seductive than humorous. “Oh I mean it.” He lowered himself to his knees in front of Jonathan, and Jonathan could hardly stand. His knees went weak with desire at the sight of Phillip getting ready to suck his cock.
So? Hot isn’t it? I know, I could have given you more, but I can’t copy and paste the whole book, now can I?
I hope you enjoyed it.


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