Monday, June 17, 2013

Hello everybody. It's me...JR Boyd. I certainly hope everybody had a safe and happy Father's Day weekend. It's hot here in Texas and I couldn't think of anything better for you than a hot and steamy story. So, I decided to rifle through my archives to kill two birds with one stone. One, I spared myself some time to spend with my daddy and my family. Two, I get the chance to share some of this Texas heat with you. I hope you enjoy it. It's one of my faves. Feel free to let me know what you think *wink*.

And without further's Digging Deep. 

Digging Deep

Shayne laughed as he closed his cell phone. “Apparently, you have made quite the impression on my brother, Dillon.”

“What do you mean, Mr. Standeven?” Dillon’s pace quickened as he tried to keep up with his long-legged senior.

Shayne turned to his intern. “My brother wants to go out with you. And, since we’re in town, I told him you would meet him this evening.”

“But, Mr. Standeven-” Dillon’s eyes widened, his voice two octaves higher than normal.

The archaeologist quickly changed the subject. “This is it. This is the site for our next dig.” Shayne let his satchel strap slide down his arm as he knelt to the ground.

“Mr. Standeven, I simply cannot-”

“This is the kind of dirt we will be working with.” Shayne tapped the hard ground with a rock. “As you can see, it’s going to take most near every tool and piece of equipment-”

“Damn it, Mr. Standeven! I am your intern. Not a callboy. You can’t just pimp me out to your brother like that. I don’t even know your brother.”

Shayne stood, his full height causing him to tower over Dillon. He placed a hand on Dillon’s shoulder and peered down into his eyes. “Dillon, please. I understand it may be awkward. But it’s not any more awkward for you than it is for me. My brother just wants to meet you. That’s all. And, frankly, I have a hard time talking about his sexuality with him. It felt good to be able to do this.”

Dillon dug the heel of his boot into the dry ground. “I can’t believe this.”

“Just meet him in town. That’s all I ask.”

“Alright. But you owe me, Mr. Standeven.” Dillon eyed his boss as the older man's focus shifted again to the dirt under their feet.


Dillon gazed into the evening sky as the sun sank behind the buildings. The hustle and bustle of the town square made his head swim. With drifting thoughts, Dillon barely noticed the lights come on as the downtown lamp post cast its glow over him.

“Dillon? Dillon Ezparza?” The voice was as gentle as a breeze rustling through a field of wheat.

The sexy voice drew Dillon from his trance. He blinked once, brought the other man into focus as he extended his hand between them.  “Nathan Standeven…” Dillon smiled. “What a delight it is to finally meet you.” Dillon looked him over and what he saw caused his cock to throb against his jeans.

“I do believe the pleasure is mine.” Nathan’s face lit up with joy.

Dillon’s attraction for Nathan took him totally off guard. Ogling the full length of his date’s body, Dillon knew he couldn't hide what he was thinking. Holy shit. He’s hot!

Right there in front of the movie theater, uncaring of who watched, Nathan cupped Dillon’s jaw settling his mouth over Dillon’s. Dillon welcomed Nathan’s tongue as it slid past his parted lips. Coffee. He tastes like coffee and chocolate.

Dillon groaned into his lover’s mouth. “I need you. Right now.”

Dillon led his boss’s brother to his van, clamoring in a twist of arms and legs to the bench seat in the back. He meshed his rigid cock with Nathan’s as moans filled the van.

Nathan grunted, reached for Dillon’s shirt. “Too many clothes.”

Fueled by desire and the scent of hot flesh, Dillon stripped quickly, his cock throbbing with the mix of cool night air and Nathan sans clothing. When Nathan lifted off the seat to shove his pants down his legs, Dillon gripped his hips and flipped Nathan over. He spread Nathan’s ass cheeks and slathered the alluring manhole with his wet tongue.

But only for a minute. Nathan had something else in mind.

“Turn around here and let me taste that fat cock of yours.” Nathan ordered, pulling away to lay on his back across the seat.

A final flick over Nathan’s asshole, and Dillon turned around and straddled his lover’s face. Dillon swiped his hard cock across Nathan’s moist lips as he took great pleasure in gulping down the well-endowed prick that danced before him.

Unable to control himself any longer, Dillon rocked his hips forward. Dillon felt Nathan’s throat tighten around his prick. Sounds of slurping and gagging spurred Dillon’s craving for satisfaction.

Nathan’s ability to deep throat sent Dillon’s eyes rolling back and made him yearn for even more of his date’s cock in his throat.

Gasping for a quick breath of air, Nathan cried out. “Fuck my face, baby. Shove that cock!”

Nathan’s fingers dug into Dillon’s ass cheeks. And at the same time, he also received another few inches of dick in his throat.

With a final thrust of his cock and plunge of his mouth, Dillon ensured both cocks were buried deep. Muffled moans filled the van as lust washed over the backs of their throats.

Dillon swallowed one last time then turned around. He grinned, loving the sparkle in Nathan’s pretty blue eyes. “This show is playing tomorrow night too.”

~The End~


  1. *blinks* Holy...crap! I should not have read that first thing in the morning... Delicious! *licks lips* Simply delicious...

    1. Thanks, Dianne. I'm so glad you liked it :)