Monday, September 30, 2013

A Spooky Little Treat From Hank...

Hi all!
Hank Edwards here, wishing you a happy Monday and happy end of September. Ah, can you smell the crisp autumn air? See the leaves turning and dropping to the ground. Hear the quiet crunch of them underfoot as someone (something?) creeps among the trees at night...

It's my turn here at the Story Orgy blog, and I decided to write up a
new Flash Fiction sexy/spooky story for you. I'm currently reworking my very first Story Orgy story, Wicked Reflection, for the fine folks at Loose Id Publishing. It's going to be quite a bit different from its original form, so be sure to watch for a release date and all that on my Facebook page.

Also, for you Venom Valley fans, I submitted Blood & Stone, the third book in the series, a couple weeks ago and am awaiting the edits from Wilde City Press. No idea of a release date, yet, but I'm hoping it will be available before the end of the year. This series has been one wild ride and I think this book ties up lots of loose ends, but leaves it open for some return visits in the future.

Okay, so here's your flash fiction for today, inspired by the insanely huge and creepy nocturnal spider that has built a web in the (thankfully) outside corner of my office window. I don't have a title yet, leave a comment if you think of one. And don't forget to call your mother.... you'll see what I mean once you read the story. Be good... leave the lights on.

Untitled Flash Fiction

Hank Edwards

Copyright 2013

"It's huge!" Dallas leaned closer and squinted. "Ugh! It's, like, bloated and filled with poison or something."

Rolf looked away from his laptop screen. "Don't get too close!"

Dallas glanced at him. "You scared of it?"

Rolf rolled his eyes as a blush burned across his cheeks. "What? No. It's just a spider."

Dallas looked back at the web. "Yeah, but it's the biggest spider I've ever seen. When did it show up?"

"It's always been there," Rolf muttered, and turned away. "Are we going to work on this project or not?"

Dallas stepped up behind Rolf and leaned in over his shoulder, reading what Rolf had written. "I like it. But it's a little stiff, don't you think?"

"Stiff?" Rolf repeated. He blinked rapidly, his heart rate accelerating at Dallas's proximity. "What do you mean stiff?"

"You know." Dallas straightened up. "Stiff. Like this."

He pressed the hardened bulge of his crotch against Rolf's shoulder. Rolf jumped and looked up at him, eyes wide behind his glasses. "What are you doing?"

"Come on, Rolf," Dallas said with a sly grin. "I know you like me. Let's take a break. I can't focus with a hard on."

"You… like me?" Rolf asked.

Dallas leaned down and kissed him. "Does that answer your question?" He took Rolf by the hand and led him to the single bed tucked into the corner. Another kiss stole Rolf's breath and he watched as Dallas unbuttoned his shirt. The man's chest was muscular and smooth, and Rolf ran his hands over the soft skin as they kissed. He pushed Dallas down onto the bed and dropped to his knees between his legs, fumbling with the button on Dallas's jeans.

"Easy there, Rolf," Dallas said with a chuckle. "You're all thumbs. Let me help."

Dallas's jeans hit the floor and Rolf stroked the thick shaft. He smiled up at Dallas before leaning in to run his tongue up the hot, salty length, then took it into his mouth. Rolf worked his mouth up and down Dallas's cock, picking up speed until, with a gasp, Dallas shot into his throat. Rolf slowed down then lifted his head to smile at Dallas who stared down at him with a dreamy expression.

"You were hungry," Dallas said.

"Mother's hungry, too," Rolf replied with a shrug. "Sorry."

Dallas frowned. "What?"

Rolf pushed up from his knees and stepped back from the bed, groping himself through his jeans. "Mother's hungry, too."

Dallas sat up and looked around the room, empty except for the two of them. "Why do you keep talking about your Mom? You're freaking me out."

Something brushed Dallas's shoulder and he jerked away, eyes widening as he saw the big spider hanging from the ceiling on a strand of web.

"Shit!" Dallas swung his hand around to swat the spider, but it clambered out of the way and jumped onto his shoulder, driving its fangs into the soft flesh.

As Dallas fell across the bed and lay shaking and foaming at the mouth, the spider crawled back and forth over him, leaving behind soft, strong silk. Rolf sat in his chair and watched his Mother at work, removing his glasses a moment to rub at his eyes, the four pupils in each iris clearly visible in his reflected image before he put the glasses back on and the lenses brought the pupils together.

"He was a nice one, wasn't he, Mother?" Rolf asked in a quiet voice. "He seemed like a nice one. Maybe one day I'll meet one I can keep for my own."

Rolf turned back to his laptop and resumed typing as his Mother went about her work.

~~ END ~~

I hope you enjoyed the story and your Monday treats you well. See you next time!
-- Hank


  1. Oh that was as good a wake me up as a strong cup of coffee!

  2. Ewwwwwww!!! LOL. Wow, Hank. That was awesome!! Simple title...Mother.
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  3. OMG! that's creepy! Poor Dallas! he seemed like a nice one indeed :(

  4. Hank, that's terrible! The poor guy... *stifles giggles, shakes head* Just terrible... :)