Monday, September 16, 2013

Guess who's babbling...

*runs in and slumps on the very stylish loveseat out of breath* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek...I forgot it was my turn! That's okay...I'm's all I think...

Now what was I gonna talk about? *pats my pockets down looking for notecards...pats Hank and Em down too...just for shits and giggles*

hehe...any excuse to grope right?

Okay, back to business...what is happening on the Story Orgy front?

New Releases! Em and I just had releases on Friday the 13th...oooooooooh *does spooky hands* But I don't think our releases are necessarily

And not to be outdone...Jade has been busy doing something very sexy in French for us *looks left then right* it's a secret that has to do with one of our anthologies and her native tongue...hehe...and JR is busy busy being all brilliant and smoking hot like only he can do (did you catch that awesome poem he did last week? Well scroll down and love it!)...Hank and Lee have been crazy busy themselves...

Hank is putting the finishing touches on his never ending 3rd book in the Venom Valley series—Blood & Stone—and yeah, he can make me pull my legs under me and hide under the blanket (well the monsters can't get you while you're under the blanket right?). He's put twists and turns in that bad boy that *looks behind me and over armrest of loveseat down at floor* did I mention I'm safe under the blanket?

And Lee...oh boy can I tell you guys a secret? *leans forward and stage whispers* He's finally getting us the sequel to Loving Eden...Loving Bailey is due out in October and not to brag or anything...*looks around quickly*...but OMG OMG OMG is it freaking fantabulous! I'm telling with plenty of ice on hand...the things Lee can do with words...*fans face*

When Harper finally sees the light and dumps his cheating boyfriend, can Pitt convince Harper to trust him enough to let it all go?

When Harper Evans discovers his boyfriend in yet another bar with yet another Joe, he makes the final break and kicks him out. More relieved than heartbroken, Harper turns his attention to the letter burning a hole in his pocket that could mean a fresh start across the country…if he has the nerve to pull the trigger.

Pitt Mullen has been looking for exactly this opportunity with Harper. He doesn’t hesitate a second to pounce on it--and Harper--when it shows up. But not everything is as it appears. Harper is keeping secrets. Ones that make a closet submissive crazy with the need to let go.

When Pitt gets a late night call and rushes to another, Harper is towed along in the wake of his hyperactive lover. He discovers that not all secrets are the cheating kind...and Pitt isn't the only male who can melt Harper's heart.

A man from Wick's past knows Ned's secrets and is after their future…wicked truths are coming…

Wick Templeton is not dating Ned. At least that's his story—period. But when someone decides that Ned's time on earth is over, Wick doesn't bother with the semantics of it…his boyfriend is in danger and that's unacceptable.

What happens when the person targeting Ned just may be the only person Wick can't defend against?

Secrets are revealed, people are hurt, and a very shaky relationship is tested. When the dust clears nothing in Wick's life will be the same.

Caution: This is the fifth in the series, and while you can read this by know what? Forget you can't read this one by itself and miss out on all the stuff that makes Wick so darn awesome, go back and start with the first one.

I take no responsibility for Wick's mouth...just saying *winks*...okay my friends...until next time make sure you keep up with the Orgy, because we just like when you do. ;)


  1. Hum... A little late, my yang? But you're forgiven, I had a good laugh :)

    1. I'm soooooo worth the wait...or at least that's what I keep telling everyone since I'm habitually tardy...lmao