Sunday, January 27, 2013

Once Upon A Time...


 Hello everybody. Today’s my turn (Jade) to hold the fort. I thought really hard about what I could talk about, and I finally decided that I will tell you a fairy tale. So sit down comfortably (or better yet, lay down), take some cookies and a glass of your favorite drink, and let me whisper in your ear the fantastic legend of the Story Orgy.

Calling all, folks! Let me tell you about the amazing history of the Story Orgy.
Once upon a time ...

There once was a Goddess who lived in a kingdom where the books were kings. She wrote a lot by herself, and her subjects loved her talent and stories. One day, she decided to do something different. She took random words heard during her forays into town - maybe a snippet of dialogue, perhaps a random situation, or a favorite: a word for a character, another one for a place, and then another one for a situation - and wrote a short story based on these words.

The success was meteoric and attracted the attention of Kind Sir, a man who had spent his life teaching and was now enjoying a well deserved rest. The idea that came to the Goddess enraptured him, and he decided to go and find her to offer her to collaborate. The Goddess gladly accepted, delighted to have had that kind of effect with her little snippet on a scholar like him.

But the Kind Sir was not alone. He had with him his muse. A woman who had always wanted to write but had not found the courage to do it alone. When she heard what the Goddess and the Kind Sir intended to do, she asked if she could join them. The Goddess and the Kind Sir were thrilled to have her with them, and they agreed happily.  


The Goddess - who was never short of ideas or imagination - told herself that the concept was fantastic, but couldn't see why they should stop at three. She then thought of a friend of the neighboring kingdom, the Fur King, who also wrote many books. So she went to her neighbor and asked him to participate in this new concept of writing, which the Fur King accepted without hesitation - he was always ready for a challenge.

They thought of a name, and the Story Orgy was born.

So the four of them began to work.

One day, a Wise Man came to pass by the cottage in which they had decided to settle when they wrote and knocked on their door. He told them :

“An orgy requires a minimum of six people. It goes (counting on his fingers) masturbation, one-on-one, threesome, two couples swinging, two couples swinging with a looky-loo,  (holds up six fingers) orgy’s six.”

The group thought it was a great idea and they began to think who they could add. At some point, one of them mentioned that it would be nice to have beautiful pictures to go with their stories. Now the Muse wasn’t only a muse, she was also the other half of a Princess, the Yin to her Yang.

The Princess loved beautiful things and she collected pictures for her own pleasure. The Goddess came to see her, and asked her if she wanted to help the Story Orgy group with pictures. The Princess agreed eagerly, so happy to be a part of such a wonderful group. They were now five; only one more to find.

The Kind Sir mentionned then that he knew someone in the kingdom who wrote sexy little snippets. He asked the Goddess to go and talk to him. The man was called the Sunshine, for he brightened everybody's life with his warmth and caring attitude. So she went to see him. The Sunshine was excited at the prospect, and accepted as quickly as the others did.

And so, two years to this month later, we are still as strong and loving as ever...

Now, if you have some time to spare, please take a look at these books (there are not the latest ones, but they are my favorites, so if you didn't read them, DO IT NOW!!)
Just click on the name of the book to follow the link...

A Beautiful Silence by Lee Brazil
Destiny's Bastard by Hank Edwards
Chocolate Dreams by Em Woods
Geoff's Teddy (Synchronous Seductions) by Havan Fellows

Enjoy your reading!



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